Communication, or the lack thereof

My husband looks at me and asks me what’s wrong. Did he offend me? Did he do something wrong? And, instead of being honest, I swallow my hurt and frustration, tell him no, and continue to fold laundry. I tell him I have a headache and I’m tired. He gets me some water and aspirin […]

The Exodus Road

A few weeks ago I sat in a room with about 30 other women. We had gathered there for the sole purpose of learning about child trafficking and how we could use our platform, our words, to fight it and eventually stop it. I’d been researching various groups, The Exodus Road, Love 146, Sak Saum, […]

The Art of Motherhood

I come from a family of artists – my father is a musician and a woodworker. When I say woodworker, I mean he carves intricate patterns into wood and shapes those pieces into works of art. My mother can sew beautifully, cross-stitch like no one I’ve seen and  can paint. My brothers both are artists […]

A Prayer for the Allumineers

Dear Ladies, A week and a half has gone by since Allume and it is hard to believe that it’s over. There were so many weeks and months of planning and anticipation and then the weekend finally arrived. I’ve read the various blog entries on the take-aways and lessons learned. I’ve read about the callings impressed […]