Five Minute Friday

I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker in her Five Minute Friday post for the first time. Today’s writing prompt is the word ‘True’. Five minutes starts now: The word is ‘true’ and I wonder what that really means. Is there a tangible to this? Can I put into words, paint a picture of what is true? At […]

Words of Grace or Words of Wrath – You Choose

Today I was able to get in some Bible reading before the kids got up (were released) and started in Proverbs, but ended up in James. I started to think about my words and my attitude. How even if my children see me reading God’s Word, but hear harsh words out my mouth, I’m not […]

The King’s Heart

These past few months have been rather difficult on the job front. My husband has been stretched to the max. 7 o’clock mornings and 6:30 evenings. Home just in time to eat supper and then off to tag team putting the kids down for the night. By that time he’s exhausted and I’m at a loss […]

34 things to know about me…

34 Things to know about me… 1. I’m a mom to 7, 4 littles, 6 and under, and 3 babies with Jesus. 2. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 21. 3. I have the most handsome husband in the world 😉 4. I am an Army brat (enlisted, thank you very much). 5. […]


Trust is a funny thing. Over time it can be built up or it can come crashing down in an instant. There are times when I find that I don’t trust that man of mine. That tall, ruggedly handsome, jack-of-all trades. Why do I let the fear taint the everyday? Why is it that when […]

Beautiful Stolen Moments

This afternoon there was dirt and grime all over the kitchen floor. Little Miss had been playing in flour pilfered from the pantry and had tracked it back into the kitchen. Mess was everywhere. So I grabbed the broom and dust pan and once again set into that never ending task of sweeping. No sooner […]