God’s Orchestra

We all have a part to play. I’m just now embracing that we all contribute to the body of Christ. Some sing, some teach, some travel the globe giving aid. But there are those of us who stand in their shadow and we wonder what light we shine compared to theirs. Just think of an […]

Putting His Interests Before Mine

Last year a friend of mine, Melissa at QuietGraces Photography, asked me to write for her     series “Construction School for Wives” and this is what God laid on my heart for that month of July. This month I’m going to be working on putting Adam’s interests before mine. There are so many areas that I […]

Everyday Moments of Glory

I know a girl who is in the throes of wedding planning. She’s tall, thin, and beautiful. Pretty much my opposite. And, Lately I’ve found myself looking at the pictures she’s been posting on FB, longing for those days when I was 10+ years younger and planning a wedding. I remember being tireless, and wide-eyed with […]

When your Past collides with your Present

Thursday night my past and my present collided and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it. As I stood next to my husband in conversation with others, I almost lost it. Hysterical laughter was pushing its way out and I had to do everything in my power to push it back. Le me […]