Hospitality – the four-letter word and in(RL)

  Hospitality – like a four-letter word that strikes fear into my heart. I’ll do most anything for you – Clean your house, bring you supper, watch your kids. But opening up my home is rather scary – the last thing I’d want to do. Can I tell you something? It’s because I’m ashamed. Ashamed of […]

Commitment – from the mouth of a child

It’s spring here in South Carolina and the warm weather has moved in to stay it seems. Yesterday afternoon, while I was hanging laundry in our back yard, I witnessed an amazing event. My 6- year old son, was marrying my 4-year old daughter. And these are the vows that he made to her: “I […]

To the Mom whose day is water-marked with names

Dear Sister, We’re kin, did you know that? The experiences of our lives have made us so. We may have never met, but here we are – family forged by life. There is something that I’ve been wanting to tell you – take heart – you are not alone. Your work has worth even though the sweeping […]