Shattered Expectations

This past weekend I attended a conference for writers called Allume. I’d never been to anything like a writer’s conference before so was eager to learn. There were sessions on the practical and sessions on influence and I strove for a balance of each, because I’m a new blogger and only have the vaguest of […]

The Call to Community

I have a confession to make. I have a love/hate relationship with community. One on one and I’m good, but put me in a room full of women I don’t know, whom I have to interact with, and I get a headache struggling not to cry. The call to community beckons me all the way […]

On Being Mentored

I’ve told you about my mentors, right? There are two ladies in my life that are currently making a difference through prayer and conversation. Can I tell you something else? I went into these mentoring relationships with a rather narrow view. At the beginning all I could see was my hurt and loneliness. God is […]

Five Minute Friday – Ordinary

To anyone looking in on our lives they might think that there was nothing special going on. That all of this is rather ordinary. But I beg to differ. Our life is anything but ordinary. Just look at the baby sleeping in the crib and you’ll see the extraordinary miracle of life and trust. If […]

My Cannonball

A few weeks back our family joined some friends at the pool for some Sunday morning fun. My kids hadn’t been to a pool all summer and I thought this would be a good time to get it in before the cooler temperatures of fall arrived. Everyone was having fun jumping and splashing, just enjoying […]

Five Minute Friday – Write

Write words. Write thoughts. Write nuances of life. These are the things that I have recorded since I was fourteen. Every day I sit and have recorded the thoughts that stream through my head, at first immature and then blossoming into what spills out today. I never thought that I had anything to offer anyone. […]

Being Enough

I’m headed to Allume in 4 short weeks. And, if you don’t know what Allume is, I highly recommend that you check it out. It is going to be AWESOME!  I’ve been slowly getting ready for it between all the crazy at our house and it is just now dawning on me – I have […]