An Open Letter to Fear

I’ve got eggs ready to pour  into the bowl. Miss E and the radio are both contending for my attention. She wants to pour the wet ingredients into the dry and the talk show host wants me to fear Ebola. I can’t concentrate on both and at first the radio starts to win, drawing me […]

Reflecting His Image

The bell rings and we scramble from our seats. It’s recess time at last! The weather is beautiful – perfect for playing and not at all conducive to arithmetic. I grab my library book and hold it close as I shuffle into line. Books have become my       best friends. We stream out the door, finally […]

A Year of Rest – Join me?

Welcome back! Last week I wrote about how my soul has been longing for REST, and at the end I invited you to join me in this endeavor. I’m so glad that you came back so we could talk a little bit about what that might look like in the upcoming year. I’ve been thinking and praying about […]

Rest 2015 – A Word to define a Year

It’s been quiet here lately in this little corner of the web. The words haven’t come as easily lately because I’ve been struggling. Between all the outer turmoil in the world, the trying to process it all, and trying to manage my own crazy, I’m just plain tired. I’ve been yearning for REST. And though […]