Rethinking Romance

I love Valentine’s Day. For some reason it has become one of my favorite holidays. The last couple of years I’ve tried to make it more about the kids instead of us, because as my husband said Valentine’s Day wasn’t really as important to him as to me. Now, that may sound terrible, but I […]

We don’t do Ultimatums

Last year my husband and I were having some growing pains in our marriage, particularly in the area of communication. Problem¬†was we couldn’t talk if no one¬†went first. I wrote him a letter about some changes I hoped to see (please don’t jump to the worst possible scenario). There are some renovations and repairs in […]

Communication, or the lack thereof

My husband looks at me and asks me what’s wrong. Did he offend me? Did he do something wrong? And, instead of being honest, I swallow my hurt and frustration, tell him no, and continue to fold laundry. I tell him I have a headache and I’m tired. He gets me some water and aspirin […]