Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful, Book Review

Quirks. We all have them. Some of us like to be alone. Some of us like the smell of cap guns. Others love being in the limelight. Sometimes these can be seen as a blessing but often times we see them as more of a burden. And we desperately try to hide them – acting […]

An Open Letter to my Inner-Critic

Today I’m linking up with the girls over in the in(courage) Writers Group. We’ve been given an assignment to write an open letter to our inner critic. Dear Shadow, I’ve known you for awhile now, really my whole life. You’ve sat next to me on several occasions, whispering criticisms in my ear. You’ve never held […]

Actively Waiting

This post was written last spring but is still highly applicable. We are always waiting on something, but it is what we do while we wait that counts. I hope that this is an encouragement to you. Recently I read an article by Paul Tripp titled “God’s Will for Your Wait”. The title grabbed my […]

Five Minute Friday – Crowd

I sit on the couch for the umpteenth time, reading to the crowd. They are squirming, making noises with their teeth, pulling at their siblings, touching my glasses, and yet I still yearn to read to these little people. I found some old books the other day in a box in the corner of the […]

Words of Grace

Today I am continuing my reading through Ephesians. Recently we studied this at church and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can I tell you a secret? I have never studied a book as it was being preached. I’ve never been interested enough, but God is doing a work and I am excited to study His Word. […]

Five Minute Friday – Willing

Am I willing? That is a huge question to ask. Willing to do what? Whatever God asks, comes the quiet answer. I’ve pondered the concept of the God-sized Dream for the last several months, and only recently have come to wonder what that really looks like. At first glance it means something really big and […]

A Recovering Fundamentalist

This post is the first in a series titled “Thoughts from a Recovering Fundamentalist – Grace vs. Legalism”.  Please feel free to comment especially if you’ve ever experienced something similar.   Today I was given a new label “Recovering Fundamentalist”. We recently changed churches in the last year, from a non-denominational, but very traditional church […]