10 Date Ideas – #’s 6-10

Top 10 Date Nights
Top 10 Date Nights, continued….

6. Play video games – I have to admit, we don’t have any experience with this one. But a good friend of mine has said that is how she and her husband have date night. And, from what I’ve heard, talking actually happens while the game is being played. You know, that heart to heart, soul talking that we women long for from our husbands.

7. Read a novel together – Years ago my husband and I read Winnie the Pooh. Hardly, romantic, I know, but there was something about reading together. Maybe it was the levity of the book, or that we had something to look forward to. Whatever it was, it was fun and brought us together. I’d say it did its job 🙂

8. Candlelight picnic in the Living Room  – For those of you who live in an apartment or a condo and don’t have access to a backyard, a picnic in your living room would be perfect. My husband and I have done this on several occasions and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Candles, wine (or beverage of choice) and a blanket can set the mood for a very romantic evening. Oh, and for this one, make sure that you have your kids do a tidy-up before they go to bed. It’s not as romantic if you’re stepping on Legos 😉

9. Start a Hobby – Is there something that you’ve thought might be fun to try? Or is there a project that has been on your ‘to-do’ list for ages? Head to the library with your guy and see if there is a book in the hobby section that catches your eye. Maybe it’s learning how to do origami together. Or, maybe you could build a model airplane. There are so many possibilities!

10. Star Gazing – Remember when you were a kid, and you would lay down on the grass and stare at the sky? Well, we’re never too old for this. So, go outside one evening, lay down, and gaze at the stars. Make sure that you’re holding hands, though, the magic happens more readily when you and your man are holding hands 😉



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