3 Things to do when You’re Called to Stay on Shore

Recently God gave me an illustration for where He’s called me. I’ve realized that He’s not called me out into the waters but He’s called me to keep my feet on land – at home.

That is such a difficult realization because our culture puts little merit on stay-at-home moms. And though I teach my children at home that doesn’t really count as productive, contributive work in others’ eyes.

So, I’ve been thinking about what we can do as we watch from shore – as we see others cast off and pursue their dreams. There are 3 things that we can do if we find ourselves in this situation.

1. Pray that God will help you see the purpose where you are.

Sometimes is seems like there is no point in folding the same shirt for the umpteenth time. But there is purpose there within those walls. We are doing kingdom work because He has called us there and whatever we do, if it is unto Him is worship.

2. Pray for those who’ve gone after their dreams.

I know that it is difficult to stand back and constantly watch our friends, acquaintances,  and those on social media going places and accomplishing things. But if we can just remember that we are to encourage and build each other up (I Thess. 5:11) we’ll be able to rejoice with them instead of coveting what they are doing ( so much easier said than done – one I have to work on daily).

3. Find a way to support your passion.

We can’t languish here getting sucked into the nonsense that we don’t have anything to offer. What interests you? What sets your heart on fire? Is there a certain ministry that you can support by raising awareness? Can you support a Compassion child or host a trunk show for that ministry that gives jobs to exploited persons?

There are things that we can do even here.

A verse from Colossians has always stuck out to me. Paul is delivering a message to a man named Archippus. He says,

“Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it.”

So, if you’re like me and feel that God has called you to stay on the shore, don’t buck against the call. Take heed to the ministry and remember

whatever we do is for His glory.

When You're Called to Stay on the Shore

2 thoughts on “3 Things to do when You’re Called to Stay on Shore

  1. I love this Danielle! God has been reminding me of this exact same thing lately. As moms we often feel led to “go” because that’s what the world tells us is important. However, God can just easily call us to be “home”. To raise up the next generation of Christians, and to raise them to know and love the Lord. Great reminder here!!

    • Danielle

      Thank you, Misty! I’ve been following your blog – you’ve been an encouragement!

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