5 Tips for Getting Ready for Date Night

Over the years I’ve learned some things when it comes to planning Date Nights. These 5 things have really helped when I’ve wanted to do something extra special for us.

Here they are ūüôā

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1. Plan your theme – This may sound silly and you might be wondering “what theme, it’s just date night”. But sometimes a theme really comes in handy. What if you want to do “movie night” or “game night”. Pick your activities, food, etc. around that theme.

2. Gather your needed ingredients/items the day or two before – Sometimes I’m a procrastinator, and then things¬†come up, and the date night I had planned¬†doesn’t turn out so ‘romantical’. It always works out better if you gather¬†your things at least the day before – you’ll be more relaxed and it’ll lead to a better evening.

3. Plan an easy supper for the kiddos¬†– So, it’s not a sin to feed your kids PB and J or hotdogs¬†for supper on an evening that you’ve got a date¬†planned – especially if you’re planning on making a special meal or snack for you and your man. Be easy on yourself!¬†(It’s not a sin to feed them these things even if you don’t have a date night planned, not that I know anything about this)

4. Don’t feel guilty for letting the kids watch a video while you get ready¬†for ‘date night’¬†– There is going to be some prep that will need your undivided attention.¬†The food, yourself, all takes time to get ready. If you need/or want to take a shower before¬†your husband comes home, take the time to do it! No¬†matter what catches his eye – high heels or a baseball cap – he’ll¬†notice that you made an effort.

5. Think ‘happy thoughts’ about your man all day long ūüôā – And, yes, by ‘happy’ I mean sexual. Let’s face it, there are all sorts of things clamoring for our attention as wives and mothers. If we don’t intentionally fix our minds on our men, we¬†might miss out on a spectacular evening ūüėČ

2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Getting Ready for Date Night

  1. Thank you for these ideas. I have been looking for something to energize my marriage.

    • Danielle

      Lisa, I’m so glad that these have been a help ūüôā

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