Five Minute Friday

I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker in her Five Minute Friday post for the first time. Today’s writing prompt is the word ‘True’. Five minutes starts now:

The word is ‘true’ and I wonder what that really means. Is there a tangible to this? Can I put into words, paint a picture of what is true? At the beginning of my day I read the Words of Truth from the One who lives and breathes Truth into my life, but somewhere along the day I forget and start beleiving the lies. The lies that say that I’m not enough, that the math and dishes, and the diapers, don’t matter. But then God uses His Words to whisper to the most tender places of my heart, that I am His and that is the biggest truth that I need at the moment. That the God who is love dwells in me – that is true.

I see the smiles on my children’s faces, feel the hugs and taste the kisses, and those things are true because those are driven by love. They are gifts of love from a Father who has lavished love on us. So today I will think on those things that are true. The truth of His Love and Redemption.



Five Minute Friday

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday

  1. Danielle, those things that are driven by love? Love those! Such a sweet write. Trusting in the Truth and tossing out the lies right alongside you friend.

  2. Great first time post! I love seeing new people jumping in each week. Welcome to the party!

  3. Danielle

    Thank you for the encouragement, Ladies!

  4. This is a great reminder that even in the little, mundane things of every day God’s love and redemption is True. Thanks!! Happy FMF!!

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