Hospitality – No longer a four-letter word

Last week I wrote about the fear of hospitality – the fear of opening up my home.

But it happened – (in)RL took place among the peeling paint and holes in the ceiling. And, you know what? It was GOOD. Community and hospitality, they were good.

Nine ladies gathered together for food and relationship building. We connected over the stories of women brave enough to share their hearts wth us. We talked about food, kids, gardening, and raising chickens in our backyards. We decorated journals to record those future stories that God will give us – those stories He’ll use to reveal His working in us.


I was afraid. Afraid of judgment, remarks falling flat, and the feeling of not enough. But none of that came.

This year I turn 35. And only in the last 5 years have I truly had community. I’m finally understanding that I’m not the only one who wants and needs a safe place to tell their story. We all want a haven of friendship. We all need a place, a friend, that will love us through the ugly times.

Community, and even more, hospitality isn’t so scary now. The desire for connecting and the fear of ‘not enough’ will always be in conflict. But, God gives the strength to fight the fear so we can be that safe haven of friendship that He intends us to be for each other.

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