Keeping Watch

This afternoon my son asked me to look up some pictures of something he’d learned about in history. So, off to the computer I went. I sent him and  his sister from the room first to make sure there wasn’t anything inappropriate for little eyes. When I was satisfied, I called him back and we talked about the pictures.

Interesting thing about searches. Other phrases are recommended or what is popular is put at the top of the page. My heart sank when I looked up because one click could have taken me to some very dangerous waters. Thankfully, my boy can’t read yet. But, one day he will and one day the tempter will nudge his curiosity.

But that won’t happen on my watch. This mamma will grab the Sword in one hand and the Shield in the other all the while begging God to guard her son’t heart. He’s only mine for a season and has no clue to the danger – to the one seeking to destroy his soul. He has no discernment at his age, so it is up to me to protect him the best I can. Now I am off to research internet filters and in my heart I’m hitting my knees, praying that the One who made the stars and can quicken men to life, will protect my little men.

Do you have any recommendations? What internet filters have you found to be most effective?





4 thoughts on “Keeping Watch

  1. Mary Geisen

    I love how you shared that your son is only yours for a season. So true and so overwhelming to think how much we want to instill in our kids before they grow up. My sons are grown and gone but know that being a momma is for a lifetime and even though internet filters might not be on our radar what you have provided for your child is a foundation that will take him through life. Blessed to have visited you today from (in)couraging writers.

    • Danielle

      Thank you for the encouragment, Mary!

  2. I haven’t had to look into internet filters for the boys yet, since they’re still too young to use the computer. But, once they get to using phones, etc., No Greater Joy ministries has a software program available now (only for Android now, but to be expanded in the future) that you can monitor phone/download usage, etc. Its called Mobile Safe Families But, I do think that Mommy and Daddy are the best life filters, and it sounds like yours have a wonderful, loving and prayerful filter right now. 😉

    • Danielle

      Dear Belinda,
      Thank you for the kind words and the recommendation. I’ll definitely be looking into the filter you mentioned. Praying for you too, as this will be something that comes up sooner or later.

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