No longer letting life happen to me

For the past week or so I’ve seen the idea of throwing New Year’s resolutions out and instead focusing on a word or an attribute instead.  At first I thought this was kind of corny, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve warmed up to the idea. Resolutions are good but as in most instances rarely kept. I love lists, so the longer the resolution list, the better. The problem is, by the end of January I haven’t established that exercise routine, the cleaning schedule is still not happening, and the Bible/book study has petered out. Then ensues discouragement and a cycle of resolve and failure – not a pretty picture.

So as I was mulling this over, I came upon It’s a real site dedicated to people finding their word, sharing it with others, and encouraging them in their resolve, whatever their word may be. This actually seems doable. Rather than having a list of things to change right off, which inevitably doesn’t happen, I can look at life through the lens of my word. Because sometimes I feel as if life is happening to me instead of me happening to it. Now there are times when life brings the unexpected, but 9 times out of 10, I know what’s coming but am not very intentional about it. So there it is, my word – Intentional. This is the lens that this next year will be seen through. The care of my husband, children, home, our little homeschool, my writing, computer time, and especially my walk with the Lord, will all bear the word Intentional. By God’s grace I will no longer be flying by the seat of my pants, but will be Intentional with my time, my life.

By God’s grace,
I’m no longer going to let life happen to me – I’m going to happen to it.



What’s your one word for the year? How are you planning on being Intentional?

6 thoughts on “No longer letting life happen to me

  1. Great word, Danielle.
    I am still pondering mine …
    : )

    • Danielle

      Let me know what it is when you find yours 🙂

  2. God’s been preparing my heart for my word for a long time…Serve. (Others, instead of myself!) And your post gave me the motivation to finally post something about it. Now I really have to stay at it, since I’ve made myself accountable to the “www.” 😉 Thank you, my friend!

    • Danielle

      That is so awesome to hear! I read your post this evening and thought ‘Wow!’. Yours encouraged me as well 🙂 We’ll live intentionally together.

  3. I can so relate! I like the one word approach because I get so easily overwhelmed (in addition to adding so many things to my list!)

    I love your word–may the Lord lead and teach you to be intentional daily, friend. My word is freedom, specifically freedom from fear.

    Deb Weaver

    • Danielle

      Thank you for the prayer! Freedom is an amazing word as well. Fear is something that I am constantly battling so understand completely – I’ll be praying for you.

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