On Being Mentored

I’ve told you about my mentors, right? There are two ladies in my life that are currently making a difference through prayer and conversation. Can I tell you something else? I went into these mentoring relationships with a rather narrow view. At the beginning all I could see was my hurt and loneliness. God is opening my eyes to so much more. All I could think about was how these women could help me. How they would give advice, bestow wisdom and satisfy the yearning for relationship.

But something has happened in these past few months that I wasn’t expecting. I’ve discovered a few things about the mentoring relationship that is surprising and how it’s not one sided – its meant to build and encourage both women.

You see, these women have not just listened and allowed me to bear my heart burdens, they’ve also shared theirs. And  in doing this, they’ve allowed me to pray for them in ways that I would never been able to before.

I’ve also seen something interesting – we all struggle with something. And if they struggle with sin and heartaches and can still be an encouragement, does that mean that I, that you, can mentor others, too?

Sometimes I feel as if I’m not eligible to encourage/mentor anyone because I haven’t arrived. I have heart sins that are an ongoing battle. My words to my children aren’t always sweet or gracious. But if God can use these women in my life, can’t He use us, you and I, in the lives of others? We just have to be willing to be used, to be that woman who builds and encourages.

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