To the Mom whose day is water-marked with names

Dear Sister,

We’re kin, did you know that? The experiences of our lives have made us so. We may have never met, but here we are – family forged by life.

There is something that I’ve been wanting to tell you – take heart – you are not alone. Your work has worth even though the sweeping and dishes don’t seem like much. You are daily creating order out of chaos, working to make someplace beautiful for those you love.

Please don’t get discouraged when you read what others have done on Facebook or see what others have created on Pinterest.

There have been times that I’ve read the list of things accomplished and how their child slept extra long that day. And, all I’ve done are the breakfast dishes and a load of laundry.

But everyone’s life is different and trying to compare the incomparable will kill us. This is something that I wish that someone had told me. And, I say this as if the lesson has been learned but it hasn’t yet. It is still something that God has to remind me of on a regular basis.

We have to look at our ‘to-do’ lists  and realize that there are names watermarked on the page. You didn’t ‘just’ do that load of laundry. You made meals, perhaps taught school, read books, assisted with shoes, gave hugs and kisses, found the missing blanket –

you loved




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