An Open Letter to Fear

I’ve got eggs ready to pour  into the bowl. Miss E and the radio are both contending for my attention. She wants to pour the wet ingredients into the dry and the talk show host wants me to fear Ebola.

I can’t concentrate on both and at first the radio starts to win, drawing me into the conversation of fear and outrage. Then it hits me – even though I’m not sick, I’m letting Ebola take my life. I’m letting it steal the moments I have with my family. And it ends here.

Dear Ebola, ISIS, Doomed Economy, and the gunmen who live in Talk Radio Land,

(An Open Letter)

Today I decided to not let any of you take my life. You see, you almost had me. I’ve never met any of you, for which I’m truly grateful. I don’t even know anyone whose ever associated with any of you. But still I’m aware of your presence. You lurk at the outer reaches of my mind, whispering words of FEAR.

But not anymore. I know that you’re still there. But there are two things that my Heavenly Father has gifted me with today – reminders that have been my armaments against your words.

First, He’s reminded me that He’s greater. He is greater than he that is in the world               (1 John 4:4) .

No matter what happens, I’ll speak this truth to my heart –

He is greater

He’s greater than a disease.                                                                                                                   He’s greater than an enemy force.                                                                                                        He’s greater than poverty.                                                                                                                     And, He’s greater than death.

Secondly, He’s reminded me that He hasn’t given me – given any of us – the spirit of Fear, but He’s given us love, power, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

So, I’m turning off your voices – one by one shutting off your voices of fear. Because those whispers, they aren’t from Him. His Words are True. His Words are Life.



My mind comes back to the present. I raise my hand to turn off the radio and the silence is jarring for a moment.

“Mommy, can I stir now?” Her sweet voice cuts into my thoughts and I grasp that                   moment – that moment of LIFE.


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