Reflecting His Image

The bell rings and we scramble from our seats. It’s recess time at last! The weather is beautiful – perfect for playing and not at all conducive to arithmetic.

I grab my library book and hold it close as I shuffle into line. Books have become my       best friends.

We stream out the door, finally freed to play on the swings and the jungle gym, but I hold back and take my place on the steps, nestled against the old stone railing. The Bobbsey Twins and me, we’ve had so many adventures so far.

The teacher stands behind me further up the steps and I can feel her presence. I scoot ever closer to the railing and hold my book tight. She never says anything. Books aren’t allowed on the playground but she never makes me put it back. Just lets me read.

I can’t remember what grade that was – 1st maybe? And I don’t remember the teacher, only and an image of a floral skirt and brown shoes. But I realize now, that faceless teacher, she gave me a gift. Maybe she saw that I had no friends. Maybe she saw my need for quiet. I don’t know, but I’m forever grateful to her, for allowing me to be myself and for giving me the chance to recharge through story.

Tonight I had a similar experience only this time I’m 35, the teacher is my husband, and the recess wasn’t from math, it was from life.

I escaped to the back deck and finished The Last Battle by CS Lewis. Once again my soul was recharged by story. Some things, many things change from childhood to adulthood,

But the core of who we are remains the same.

God has allowed me these past few years to learn about, and finally understand how He has wired me.


So, I pray today for you. The woman who is still conflicted by how God made her and the expectations of others. I pray that you will feel His presence as He guides you. He made you exactly how He wants His image to be reflected in your life.

Revel in that and be free.

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