My Cannonball

A few weeks back our family joined some friends at the pool for some Sunday morning fun. My kids hadn’t been to a pool all summer and I thought this would be a good time to get it in before the cooler temperatures of fall arrived.

Everyone was having fun jumping and splashing, just enjoying the time when my friend moved to the deep end and executed a perfect cannonball. My husband went next and they took turns while the kids lookned on. I sat with Baby V watching them.

Now I’m not the strongest swimmer, so I didn’t take too much interest in the activity. But then a thought over took me. I could either sit there for the remainder of the time watching, or I could take the risk and dive in, too. I decided to take the risk and realized that it was a lot more fun in the water than it was in the comfort of the chair.

There have been a few times in life in which I’ve felt as if I’m standing at a precipice and I have two choices. I could either take the risk and do the ‘thing’, whatever it may be, or take a step back and stay comfortable. Once again I feel as if that choice is before me. I can either stay comfortable or I can take the risk to write and build community.

For some people things like this may seem like a no brainer, but so many times the fear of failure holds me back. But not today. God’s given me a voice and I won’t let fear keep me ‘comfortable’. And I won’t let being comfortable keep me from action.


What is that ‘thing’ that you’ve been wanting to do but have been fearful to try? What is your ‘cannonball?

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