Shattered Expectations

This past weekend I attended a conference for writers called Allume. I’d never been to anything like a writer’s conference before so was eager to learn. There were sessions on the practical and sessions on influence and I strove for a balance of each, because I’m a new blogger and only have the vaguest of idea of what the seasoned ones talk about (tweetables, anyone?)

So I sat and listened, soaking up the words and received a gift. But what I received was nothing like what I expected when I started to open the package.

God has been working in me for a really long time and the message is finally sinking in. He has called me to a ministry and that is all I need. He has called me to a family- a husband and children and that is a worthy calling.

For so long I just felt like a second-tier Christian because I wasn’t doing something ‘great’. There were no orphans rescued. No center for women started. But He gently lifted my head and showed me that my calling and your calling are worthy, not because of us, but because of the One doing the calling.

So the art created, the music sung, the words written, and the work done, are all worthy because they are for Him. It doesn’t matter who hears or sees us, because He always does. And the noses wiped, the laundry folded, and the tears poured out over the paper are all offerings to Him.

Let us now take heed to the ministry He has called us to so that we may give Him the glory.

This is the gift He so graciously bestowed upon me at Allume.


4 thoughts on “Shattered Expectations

  1. Yes. This is enough. That family. The art of dinner on the table. Yes.

  2. It was lovely to meet you. It’s so true, we put burdens on ourselves God never intended. He calls us all to different things and in truth, sometimes it’s easier to do the big things that get all the ooh’s and awe’s instead of the small things that go unnoticed but are really huge things in eternity. Like the care and loving of your family. Amen to that!

    • Danielle

      Thanks, Alia!

  3. Surprising…refreshing…special when He works in His mysterious way, isn’t it?

    I love the reminder that our calling is worthy because of Him who has called us. Not because of us, or the ones we are called to, but Him.

    Its easy, to forget that, but since I’ve just been reminded, I’m going to go do my dishes now. 🙂

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