Words of Grace

Today I am continuing my reading through Ephesians. Recently we studied this at church and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can I tell you a secret? I have never studied a book as it was being preached. I’ve never been interested enough, but God is doing a work and I am excited to study His Word. I’m excited to study Jesus, because isn’t He the Word become flesh?

So, my reading brought me to chapter 4, and if you are familiar with this passage it is starting the portion of the book that is dealing with relationships. And, if you aren’t familiar with Ephesians, please go read it. Start at the beginning. There is so much amazing truth to meditate on. Trust me, it’s good to jump in mid-read, but the reading will be all the richer if you take the time.

The verse that stuck out to me today is verse 29,

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth

 but that which is good for the use of building up,

that it might minister grace to the hearer.” 

 I know this verse. I’ve had it memorized since a child. But it never ceases to cut me to the quick. Because you see, I try to do this with my husband, my friends, and even strangers. But a lot of times, I forget that my children need this from me more than most. 

How many times do I offer them a sharp word instead of one softened by love? How many times do I forget that they are just being childish and scold them instead of hug them. So, today I am praying that God will further work in my heart to build these little people up and not tear them down.

 Will you share your heart with me? How do you pour words of grace, words that build up, onto your children?

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