Top 10 Date Night Ideas

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By virtue of where my husband and I have ended up in our lives – living away from family and not having too many close friends until recently – we’ve had to be creative with our date nights. They’ve consisted of the elaborate and the casual. But all have created good memories.

Without further ado, here are my Top 10 Date Nights

1. Play a Game – sounds so cliché, doesn’t it. But it’s true, games can be fun. Get out the Uno cards, play a game of Rummy. How about Risk – the options are endless! And, if you’re in the mood the competition can lead to good conversation and lots of flirting.

2. Sit outside – I’m always amazed that the simple act of going outside makes me feel like we’re on an actual date. We leave the phones inside, get a hot chocolate or cold beer, and talk. Some of the best talks that we’ve had have either been around the fire pit on a cool autumn night, or sitting on the back steps in the heat of July.

3. Movie and Popcorn – this one is kind of obvious, just from the title. But it’s still fun. We have a certain movie that we both find hilarious and can pretty much quote to each other. It’s been our own private running joke over the years. So, find a movie that you both connect over and laugh. Something that simple can make a world of difference.

4. Have a Chocolate Tasting – Go a little crazy at the specialty grocery store next time you’re in town. Pick up several different chocolates to try and decide which is the best.  This might get a little pricey, but could be romantically worth it in the long run 😉

5. Dance! – everyone that I’ve asked has either had a ‘song’ or has mentioned some type of music or artist that puts them into that romantic mood. Whether you like the Carpenters, Michael Buble, or Ray LaMontagne, let the music set the stage for romance.


Stay tuned for #’s 6 – 10 – I’ll be posting those next week!





2 thoughts on “Top 10 Date Night Ideas

  1. I have been married for eleven months and my one year anniversary is coming up. Me and my wife loves a good movie and popcorn. Looking forward to more date suggestions, since winter is upon us soon.

    • Danielle

      Thanks for stopping by, Tamika! I hope that you have a wonderful anniversary! I’ll be posting a Top 10 list for date ideas in the next couple of weeks – keep an eye out 🙂

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