We don’t do Ultimatums

Last year my husband and I were having some growing pains in our marriage, particularly in the area of communication. Problem was we couldn’t talk if no one went first. I wrote him a letter about some changes I hoped to see (please don’t jump to the worst possible scenario). There are some renovations and repairs in […]

Beautiful Stolen Moments

This afternoon there was dirt and grime all over the kitchen floor. Little Miss had been playing in flour pilfered from the pantry and had tracked it back into the kitchen. Mess was everywhere. So I grabbed the broom and dust pan and once again set into that never ending task of sweeping. No sooner […]

Starting Out

Starting a blog is no easy task. Some things are easy – what color do I want it to be? Do I want to write about recipes and such? You get the picture, right? Then there is the not so easy things –  who am I writing for? Why am I writing? Will I purpose […]