Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful, Book Review

Quirks. We all have them. Some of us like to be alone. Some of us like the smell of cap guns. Others love being in the limelight. Sometimes these can be seen as a blessing but often times we see them as more of a burden. And we desperately try to hide them – acting like something we aren’t.


Laurie Wallin has recently published a book titled “Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful” and I have had the privilege to be on her launch team. Let me just say, this book is awesome!  Practically speaking, this book is divided up into several parts made up of relatively short chapters, that take you deeper into discovering how your quirks can make up a beautiful picture instead of an awful mess.

First, Laurie takes you through listing your quirks and seeing how these might actually be strengths instead of weaknesses. She helps you see through each chapter how your quirks, in reality your strengths, can work together to accomplish what God has planned for you.

    My quirks, preferences, strengths and challenges, it became clear, had all been one huge becoming.      Each revealed parts of God’s design in me―for me―and it all mattered.                                                            Just as every part matters in yours. – Laurie Wallin

Let that sink in. Every. Part. Matters. That was astounding to me and I hope that as you read this book it will be astounding to you as well.

She also helps you to see what she calls the “life” side and “dark” sides of our quirks. In one of her interview questions, Laurie explains it in the following way.

 In the book you talk about the dark sides and positive sides of our quirks. Could you give a few examples for readers?
As a Star Wars fan, I’ve always related to the whole Dark Side, Light Side (or, as I call it in the book, Life Side) idea. God invests tendencies in us, and we either love Him and others with them (reveal their Life Sides) or we live from fear (Dark Sides). The most common struggle strengths I hear about from people are tendencies to overthink things, be too sensitive, worry too much, argue too much, or be controlling. There are a lot of possible strengths hiding in these Dark Sides, and maybe they come from different strengths in different situations. For example, overthinking can be the Dark Side of being analytical, an achiever, someone who is contextual and sees connections between anything done or said now, and what it will effect. Being overly sensitive can be the Dark Side of empathetic, compassionate, or spiritually discerning individuals. Worrying too much is the fear-driven Dark Side of many prayer warriors I know. It’s not an exact science, but the important thing is to allow the question—to stop fighting who we are long enough to let God show us what is possible in us right then.

I don’t’ want to give the whole book away, so I’ll leave it at that. I do want to say though, that if this is something that you’ve struggled with, wondering where all those idiosyncrasies fit in, well, this book will definitely help. It certainly gave this Weirdo the confidence to live what God has called me to do, and I know Laurie’s words can do the same for you.

To connect with Laurie visit www.lauriewallin.com.

To order Laurie’s book, “Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful” visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or CBD.



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