5 Tips for Getting Ready for Date Night

Over the years I’ve learned some things when it comes to planning Date Nights. These 5 things have really helped when I’ve wanted to do something extra special for us. Here they are 🙂  Photo credit Jolly Voyager 1. Plan your theme – This may sound silly and you might be wondering “what theme, it’s […]

Hot Cocoa

 Close your eyes. The days have started to get cooler, the leaves are changing, and the nights are begging for you to start a fire. A little music, some cozy blankets, and a mug of  Hot cocoa, are just what you need to set the stage for a romantic evening. This is one of those […]

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

I first saw this recipe floating around the internet about a year ago. Savory foods are my go-to snack, so when I saw bacon and cream cheese, I knew that I had to try them. There are several variations out there, so get creative. I found a rather straight-forward recipe over at the Brown Eyed […]

Top 10 Date Night Ideas

By virtue of where my husband and I have ended up in our lives – living away from family and not having too many close friends until recently – we’ve had to be creative with our date nights. They’ve consisted of the elaborate and the casual. But all have created good memories. Without further ado, […]


Ah, one of my very favorite desserts. This is one of the more sensual here in the series      (at least I think so) mainly because of its silky smooth texture. This recipe, though somewhat exotic sounding, is really rather simple to make. Pre-packaged lady fingers are key, but if you have time and want […]