10 Date Ideas – #’s 6-10

Top 10 Date Nights, continued…. 6. Play video games – I have to admit, we don’t have any experience with this one. But a good friend of mine has said that is how she and her husband have date night. And, from what I’ve heard, talking actually happens while the game is being played. You […]

Caprese Salad

This is one of summer’s most wonderful offerings and surprisingly one of the more easily prepared date night snacks. Not only is it beautiful, but will make your mouth glad for sun-ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and just-picked basil. Caprese Salad Two ripe tomatoes, sliced Fresh mozzarella, sliced chopped basil Balsamic vinegar reduction Arrange sliced tomatoes and […]

Creme Brulee

This is one of my husband’s all time favorite desserts. The combination of maple and creamy, rich, custard make for a very sensuous dessert. Plus your husband will love when you make this because he gets to play with fire. Plan to make this one in the afternoon. It should be chilled before serving. And […]

5 Tips for Getting Ready for Date Night

Over the years I’ve learned some things when it comes to planning Date Nights. These 5 things have really helped when I’ve wanted to do something extra special for us. Here they are 🙂  Photo credit Jolly Voyager 1. Plan your theme – This may sound silly and you might be wondering “what theme, it’s […]

Hot Cocoa

 Close your eyes. The days have started to get cooler, the leaves are changing, and the nights are begging for you to start a fire. A little music, some cozy blankets, and a mug of  Hot cocoa, are just what you need to set the stage for a romantic evening. This is one of those […]

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

I first saw this recipe floating around the internet about a year ago. Savory foods are my go-to snack, so when I saw bacon and cream cheese, I knew that I had to try them. There are several variations out there, so get creative. I found a rather straight-forward recipe over at the Brown Eyed […]

Top 10 Date Night Ideas

By virtue of where my husband and I have ended up in our lives – living away from family and not having too many close friends until recently – we’ve had to be creative with our date nights. They’ve consisted of the elaborate and the casual. But all have created good memories. Without further ado, […]